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Hawkeye Travel  and Sports Towels are one the the first products we have develop. A truly versatile towel, they are of superior quality. They absorb 4 times their weight, dry 4 times quicker and are 4 times lighter than a normal towel. Due to their compact nature, they can roll or fold in to a small, breathable carry bag.
Hawkeye Sports and Travel Towels


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Not many similar goods out there are of the same high specification as the Hawkeye Microfibre towels. Microfibre products are generally made of polyester, but there have 20% polyamide mixed into them for a softer, better quality feel. At 300 gsm (grams per square meter), these towels are more durable and robust, compared to the standard quality (200-250 gsm) products you may find in the market. With this purchase, you will get a non-woven polypropylene carry bag, making your towel easier to transport. This material is breathable, soft, light, chemical and moisture resistant, with excellent tensile strength.
With an eye on the environment, this product is an eco-friendly alternative to normal towel, since it dries in double quick time, there is no requirement for a tumble drier etc. Furthermore, the carry bags are recyclable and don’t pollute the environment during manufacture or use.


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